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Some sort of tagline to hint the reader in if this is for them

  • Nothing I teach and promote on this blog (www.JustFelicia.Me) is a get rich quick thing. I implemented what I learned and worked for my results.
  • My results are not typical, they are achieved by learning skillsets and putting in work and effort
  • I, Michelle Felicia owner of www.JustFelicia.Me,  do not make any income claims or timeframes in which you can expect to have my results. In fact I can not make the promise that you will ever achieve my results.
  • This blog (www.JustFelicia.Me) and anything I promote on this blog, is meant to give you the tools, knowledge and processes you need.
  • I'm not a financial adviser or legal adviser. Nothing I present on my blog (www.JustFelicia.Me) should be perceived as financial and/or legal advise.
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