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The 60-Second Thumb-Stopping Video Method To Turn Scrollers Into Viewers

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Here's a list of currently popular platforms' policies. Be aware that some platforms have several categories and taps where they describe the terms of use. ALSO, be aware that most of them have a set of rules for private accounts and another set of rules for business accounts.


I am not a legal adviser, nor am I in any way part of or endorsed by any of the platforms I'm sharing platform policy links to.

It is 100% your own responsibility that you create videos that uses the concepts I am teaching inside this course, in such a way that it follows the rules and guidelines of the platforms you choose to post your videos to.

Be safe and don't be scared, just keep yourself informed and up to date.

Anyone Who Uses Social and Search Platforms For Business Purposes Are Highly Recommended To Get Familiar With Platform Policies. If You Don't You Can Potentially Be In Danger Of Having Your Accounts Shot Down.

You might have learned in older courses that if you do video, you can get around some of the rules, but many of the platform's artificial intelligence is now able to recognize what's inside the video so this advice is no longer good.

Other issues can be like the example of one of our students inside the video branding secrets course, who wanted to use her 15-second videos on YouTube as well as her Facebook page... But it turned out that YouTube does not like such short videos, so they shot her account down! She was breaking their rules unknowingly, thinking what she was doing on the platform was harmless. 

My point being, that you might think you can skip this because you can't possibly be breaking any rules on your preferred platform(s), but if you're not regularly reading their platform policies you have no clue if that is actually the case... Something that might seem harmless to you, like a 15-second video about laughing more, could be breaking the rules, like in the case of our dear student who didn't know that YouTube requires you to create at least 5-6 minute videos...

...and I could bore you with more examples from my entrepreneur friends, but I hope my point is shining through. If you haven't already, make sure to watch the video above for the full information.

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⚠️Important Bonus Info! Watch Before You Start Creating Videos

Before you go use videos for your social media and search engine channels, it's crucial that you know how NOT to get yourself into trouble on these platforms (you'll be surprised by what can potentially get you into trouble).

Don’t Get Yourself Banned From Your Favorit Platform

I know it can sound scary and to ease your mind, it's not that videos are particularly putting you in a danger zone.

I've included this training because I know that very few marketers are aware of platform policies. They are potentially in danger of getting their accounts shut down by the platform because they are using it in a way that the particular platform doesn't allow...

This is relevant to anyone who uses social media and search engine platforms, regardless of which strategies you're using.

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The Great Hook

This is one of the most important factors for getting the scrollers to stop and watch your videos!

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🎬The 60-Second Video Concept & Structure

First thing first. We are entering a time where online marketing, in general, is changing drastically from what it used to be.

This module will give you a taste of what it takes to create viewer-worthy videos that will be watched until the end.

3 Easy & Great Video Concepts

Regardless if you're like me and have no problem getting in front of the camera, or if you're more of the camera-shy person, these 5 concepts are great and will help you create videos that are viewer-worthy.

How To Create Videos That Are Being Watched Until The End

This Lesson Will Be Released on Monday April 6th

Walkthrough of how to create a video from start to finish.