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The 60-Second Thumb-Stopping Video Method To Turn Scrollers Into Viewers

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Get Ahead Of Your Competition in 2020

Are you tired of hearing crickets when you post your videos? It’s not fun taking a lot of time to create a fantastic video just to have no one watch it…

or maybe you haven’t even started creating any videos yet , because it’s a bit overwhelming figuring out what to say and how to put it all together…

Despite the fact that videos are shared on social media 1200% more than image and text combined (*Rawshorts),  there’s a good chance that you lack viewers and engagement on your videos…

…because with all the competition from other marketers who heard that video is the hot cake, a video is not just a video!!

No reason to worry about the competition, it simply means you have to join the elite few who know that there are a few moving parts to a great video that gets shared, loved on and compels the audience to take action.

Most entrepreneurs are ignoring these little extra efforts and therefore miss out on the full potential of their videos… BUT NOT YOU…

…Because you are going to start learning today what it takes right here inside the 60-Second Thumb-Stopping Video Method. 

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⚠️Important Bonus Info! Watch Before You Start Creating Videos

Before you go use videos for your social media and search engine channels, it's crucial that you know how NOT to get yourself into trouble on these platforms (you'll be surprised by what can potentially get you into trouble).

Don’t Get Yourself Banned From Your Favorit Platform

I know it can sound scary and to ease your mind, it's not that videos are particularly putting you in a danger zone.

I've included this training because I know that very few marketers are aware of platform policies. They are potentially in danger of getting their accounts shut down by the platform because they are using it in a way that the particular platform doesn't allow...

This is relevant to anyone who uses social media and search engine platforms, regardless of which strategies you're using.

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The Great Hook

This is one of the most important factors for getting the scrollers to stop and watch your videos!

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🎬The 60-Second Video Concept & Structure

First thing first. We are entering a time where online marketing, in general, is changing drastically from what it used to be.

This module will give you a taste of what it takes to create viewer-worthy videos that will be watched until the end.

3 Easy & Great Video Concepts

Regardless if you're like me and have no problem getting in front of the camera, or if you're more of the camera-shy person, these 5 concepts are great and will help you create videos that are viewer-worthy.

How To Create Videos That Are Being Watched Until The End

This Lesson Will Be Released on Monday April 6th

Walkthrough of how to create a video from start to finish.