Whatever passion you have, that you want to spend the majority of your time with, it costs you money if you aren't a paid professional.

I chose that I wanted to dance on my own terms, I don't want to be dependent on getting picked at the next audition or moonlighting in jobs that don't interest me. You shouldn't have to do any of that either!

Whatever you choose to do to support your passion financially, being able to market yourself and your product/service and automating some or most of your sales is what will set you free! Both as an artist and as an entrepreneur.

I became an online marketer, specializing in video creation, to help others like you and I become online rock stars because you too deserve to create the life you imagined.

There are many ways to do this, it all comes down to creating a strategy that suits you (*hint: if the strategy doesn't suit you it's gonna be an uphill battle creating success with it)

Of course, if you ask me, I'd tell you that a video marketing strategy is the shizzle in 2020! Let me tell you all about it 😜

Video appeals to the visual nature of humans. Did you know that 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual... (source: 3M Corporation). No wonder video is doing so well.

The only challenge is that now that video is doing so well, and since we're living in an AMAZING time where everyone and can start an online business if they wish to, the online space has become CROWDED and the competition is massive! (don't let that scare you though).

Another challenge that a lot of entrepreneurs are about to face, if they aren't already, is that the online world is changing vastly! Every platform out there has been making little subtle adjustments for this change all through 2019. Social media and search engines are no longer gonna be about how many times a day you post.

This change is GREAT for us solopreneurs though! Because now we will finally be rewarded for actually spending time with the content and making it highly relevant and valuable before sharing it with the world.

It's all about the quality of what you post now and how relevant it is to those who find it. 

The days where you could base an online business on posting 10-15 motivational posts online are pretty much gone. You're no longer gaining anything from slamming out loads of posts everywhere (Thank goodness!! I never thought that was a great strategy anyway).

What this means is that even though video is FANTASTIC, we gotta up our video game. You're in luck because I have been preparing for this shift.

Just slapping a video together for the sake of sharing a video isn't enough. You got to share value.. and when I say value, I talk about what your audience deems valuable.

This means you got to spend time researching a bit on your audience and find out who you can (and wants to) serve. Don't try and be for everyone!

It turns out that a life full of dancing has given me a special edge with video marketing. Because I think in terms of experiences as I would do with a dance performance.

  • First, you gotta catch peoples attention and create a desire in them to watch your video. (see the giraffe video for a couple of tips)👆
  • Then, you want to think of the experience you give the viewer on the video. 
  • And Then, automation comes into the picture and you want to think about where you are leading the viewer after they're done watching the video when they choose to click on your attached link.

Effective video marketing is not just about the video itself, although that might be where the experience starts for the viewer.

You want to think of how the video fits into your brand, Is the video communicating your message in a way your audience will see the value of it and is it congruent with what they see after watching the video?

Phew... Does all of this video stuff seem like a lot?.. Once you figured out everything I've mentioned above, you also have to create the videos😳

I love teaching effective video marketing and creating videos just as much as I love dancing, which is why you landed here today, because I am now sharing my knowledge about video creation and automation with anyone who wants to learn how to do all of this in an effective way and still have fun.

Many of my marketing friends were struggling with spending too much time creating one video that didn't even get viewed more than a few times - BUMMER! That does NOT add up to fun at all.

So here I am. "Just Felicia" a dancer who desperately wanted to build a business that supported me financially as a dancer... Since then, the mission has become so much bigger.

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I love working with you. Your eye for creative detail alongside critical thinking has made course creation a ton of FUN. The end result being a powerful Complete Video Marketing course.

Tracy Erwin, Elevate Your Edge, LLC

Felicia is an amazing person to work with. She's funny, very, very creative and has great work ethics. She communicates about what she does for me and why. I love working with you Felicia!

the Digital Dutchess

Felicia has this gift. She's passionate. Very passionate. Most people I know who have the same feature most of the time lack drive and persistence. Felicia is anything else but that. She's passionate about a lot of things. Most of all helping people. She loves this so much it led her to become this always-looking-to-serve and over-delivering marketing dancer I respect so much. Yes! I respect her for the level of commitment she is very rare. For tons of value, she can bring together in one short funny (!!!) video. I respect her for being a yuuge creativity junkie 🤪 yet still manages to keep herself on a leash to focus on what's important now.
Thanks for all your support and great tips dear! I am so happy we've met in Vegas, sis 😘.


Felicia is one of the most amazing, patient, and helpful people on this planet. She will go the extra mile to make sure that you get the training and understanding you need in your business. She is truly an inspiration! The amount of commitment and caring she has for each one of her clients is outstanding. If you are thinking about using her services or learning from her, definitely do it! You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable when it comes to video.

Karin Angelly

It's always a wonderful experience working with Felicia! She is golden inside and out and freely gives her knowledge in the pursuit of helping others. If you're looking for someone to work with who is sensitive and creative and knowledgeable, Felicia is your person!

Chris Adderson

Felicia is amazing to work with. Her work ethic is what sets her apart. She loves what she does and it shows in the video editing that she does for me. And her turn around on video editing is amazing. You don't have to wait to get a job done with her.

Chef Katrina
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