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Social Marketing vs Search Marketing

By Felicia

March 19, 2019

Social Marketing vs Search Marketing

Do you know what the difference is between Social Marketing and Search Marketing?

There's a distinction that has been created between the two over the last few years, but to be completely honest with you I had no clue until my always knowledgable friend and mentor Katrina Van Oudheusden was talking about it.

She was talking about this conversation that is finally taking place in the world of online marketing. Quite interesting!

As you might know, Facebook has been leading the way in social marketing and advertising for years.

In fact Facebook has dominated the world of social media marketing. They accomplished what many didn’t think was possible when Facebook first came on this scene. 

They have over 2.27 billion monthly active users.

Today they are considered the prime place to market and run ads. I won’t argue with that. It’s a truth.

What I want to talk to you today is about the difference between Social Marketing and Search Marketing.

  Social Marketing Defined

When you look at Social Marketing it's usually the question of “Am I asking people to like & follow me?”

Social marketing is all about building your brand and presence online. It’s about engaging your customer with posts that get comments and engagement.

In my opinion, the top social sites for marketing are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those are all platforms that require daily attention and interaction for your business in order to become successful and sustain success.

When running an ad on Facebook, the ads that I see do the best are ones that engage in lifestyle, testimonials, and proof driven. These ads fit the platform in that they are what we would post if we are sharing our lives with our family and friends.

I'm not running ads on Twitter, so I’m not sure what is preforming best over there. Care to share in the comments if you have some insight. Would love to hear from you.

Instagram is more about the image and the value. For some niches it's also about the grid. Short concise video ads do well at the moment, as well as stunning photos of the product you want to sell.

I do think something very interesting is happening with Instagram this year, and we might see changes in what will work well and what won't

   Search Marketing Defined

When we talk about Search Marketing it's more a question of “How are people finding me?”

Search Marketing is more strategic. It’s based on how people search the internet. There are only two reasons people use the web by the way: It’s either for Education or Entertainment. Sometimes it’s both.

Google and Apple are masters at this. It’s what had them create browsers like Google Chrome or Safari. We are constantly going online looking for something. Search Marketing is all about keywords or longtail keywords.

That is what allows platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Blogging to thrive so well and be powerful tools for business.

YES! Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine. It’s one of the most powerful platforms because 90% of all information is transmitted to the brain is visual. Making Pinterest one of the top search platforms being used to find and buy things that inspire us.

Like YouTube, Pinners search Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, and things that are important to them. It’s the only platform that is personal to the user. They really do pin what is most important to them.

Marketing on Pinterest in their form of Promoted Pins can get you high levels of traffic, buyers, and future customers. It’s the only platform I know where Pinners can save a promoted pin and purchase later. This doesn’t happen on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  Search or Social Marketing?

If you are just getting started learning how to market your business. I would recommend choosing one marketing over the other for now. Both require time and research but in very different ways.

The best business practice is a blend of both. If you use search marketing you are using your Website or Blog as your home. This is the heart of your business. From here you share your content to social media. Social media is the space you rent… you can get kicked out at anytime.

In reality you need social marketing to help spread the word about your business. You need search marketing so that your business can be found when people are searching for education or entertainment.

I’ve went through this Pinterest Course that's created for us marketers. It covers both search and social as part of the tools you will need to master marketing on the Pinterest platform.

It's created by Chef Katrina herself, trust me when I say: She is THE go-to person, when it comes to marketing your business on Pinterest. I highly recommend grabbing her course. 

As always I hope you got great value. If you learned something cool here today, and know someone that would benefit from reading, do share it with them. Thanks <3

Until next time...

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I used to dream of creating a professional dance career, but when I learned what that meant I started dreaming of dancing on my own terms! 🩰 First I turned to network marketing in 2016. I didn’t like the strategies I was taught and chose to invest in coaching and mentoring to become a professional online marketer👩‍💻. I have invested more than $50k to know what I know. I specialize in teaching solopreneurs how to create thumb-stopping videos and use them in their online marketing strategies. I’m “Just” Felicia🙋🏻‍♀️ Just a dancer who wanted to dance on my own terms🩰 Now I'm doing that while helping you figure out video marketing as well.

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