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What Is A Pinterest PinCode and How Do You Use It?

By Felicia

March 18, 2019

What is A Pinterest PinCode and How Do You Use it?

Ever noticed these little colored spots on the edge of pictures? 

Do you know what they are?... It's a PinCode. 

If you don't know what a pin code is or if you do but haven't really used it before, you're about to get blown away!

The one on my picture up there, is the pin code for my Pinterest account. If you're reading this on computer or tablet, you can scan this with your camera inside the Pinterest app and it will take you to my account.

That alone is pretty exiting, because that gives you the ability to point people to your account or to a specific board by giving them the code for them to scan

It's not just the pin code you can scan though, and there's an EXTREMELY cool function of the scanning feature on Pinterest that I also want to show you - honesty that's what will blow you away!

Before I go into all of that, let me just make sure you know how to use the pin code and how to scan it...

  Where To Find The Pin Code and How To Use It

To get the pin code for your account, simply click on your profile picture and click "Create Pincode"

Let's say you've created a whole board of great info that will benefit someone you've just met, and you want to share it with them. Just ask them to scan the pincode from your board on their pin-camera...

...OR on a more personal note, you might be like me and have created a board of stuff you'd like and someone asks for your birthday wishes this year...

All you do is go to the board you want to share, click on the splashy dots and the code will appear.

You can either create a picture to sent or post on social media and such OR you can have someone scan it as is directly from your phone/computer.

Scanning that code will take them directly to that board. Brilliant, right?

Ps. If you're using Pinterest on your desktop, everything works exactly the same as I've shown you on the phone.

  How To Use The Pin-Camera (Scan Feature)

NOW comes all the fun and exciting stuff. The pin-camera.

First, here's how you scan the pincode. It's very easy. All you do, is open up your pin-camera, hover over the pincode and it will take you to the destination of the code...

So far so good.

Now, imagine you sit at home home and realise that you ned at new planner soon... what do you do? Search the web? go to a store?

Here's what I do, before I do anything else...

...I open that pin-cam and I snap a picture of my current planner and checkout what comes up on Pinterest (weeeeee)

Pinterest even comes up with search keywords they think you might want. How cool is this?

What if you're out shopping and wondering if you could find those exact saaaaay headphones somewhere else? What do you do?

I'll show ya, what you do, although you probably guessed it...

As a marketer, I think this is a pretty awesome feature. Not only can I be found by folks searching for the keywords I use in google or inside Pinterest itself, I can also be found by relevant pictures

I'm gonna leave you to figure out what this means for the type of business you have, but if you have a few extra minutes to spare, I have a challenge for you.

  My Challenge To You

Next time you're out shopping take your phone with you (doh) and have the pin-cam ready to snap some pictures of stuff. You could check if what you're about to buy can be found cheaper or in funner colors elsewhere. You'll be surprised...


You could go crazy like me and snap pictures with the pin-cam right now, of random things in your home... Yeah-yeah I know I've become quite the Pinterest nerd, but come on you have to admit it's pretty fun to see what you find.

There are loads more profitable fun to be had on Pinterest! If you're looking to use Pinterest for business, grab my ultimate Pinterest marketing checklist below

As always I hope you got great value. If you enjoyed my blog post, please do me a favour and share it with someone who you think would also love reading it.

Until next time 🙂

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